Viscosity Index Improver for lubricating oil(Based on alkyl methacrylate )

Receive to Knowledge and technology of Viscosity Index Improvers (Based on alkyl methacrylate) in lab scale
Viscosity Index Improvers are polymers with high molecular weight that  are soluble  in lubricating oil to improve temperature-viscosity behavior of the oils.
These materials are used in all type of motor oil, gear oil, automatic transfer fluid(ATF) and industrial lubricating oil to improve their viscosity index.

Pilot plant instrument for recovery of heat transfer fluid media

Technical & Economical feasibility study for heat transfer media recovery in the heater of CGS stations
In CGS station heat transfer media is heated to 50 c°. After several years using in heater ,physical & chemical properties are decreased and corrosion inhibitors consumed caused rust & corrosion in the heaters. So the media must be replaced  in intervals. Because of corrosion phenomenon, fluid must be monitored. The basic scope  of this project is feasibility study and then manufacture a pilot plant instrument for recovery of media instead of changing the fluid.

Gasoil Project

Separation of polymeric and Asphalting material from gasoil and gasoil recovery
waste gasoil outlet from the factory is very dark and has high content of asphalting material because of heating and use as mass transfer solvent.
In this project, dark asphalting material was separated from gasoil and gasoil recovered.