About Us

Alvar Plast Sepahan Company is an engineering and knowledge base company that established  in 2004 in ISTT(Isfahan Science and Technology Town).Wood-Plast, Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC), Intumescent Flame Retardant Coating, Flame Retardant Powder, Flame Retardant Material, Rubbes Diaphragm, Bladder

Alvar  Plast Sepahan.Co  has knowhow  of these products:

۱- Wood-Plastic composite based on PE &PP

۲- Flame retardant coating

۳- Flame retardant chemical

۴- Industrial rubber diaphragm

Founders of the company are technical  and  R&D  peoples that experts in the the fields of polymers and lubricants that applied in petroleum,gas and petrochemical industries .