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Alvar Plast Sepahan Products (Knowledge Based and Engineering) Located in Isfahan Science and Technology Town


Our goal is to design, manufacture and supply polymeric and chemical products, creating them requires the development of new technologies, promotion of current management methods and technical manufacturing or optimization of engineering and economical indicators in order to earn a higher percentages of national and international markets.


Alvar Plast Sepahan Patents

Use recycled plastic in manufacturing wood-plastic composite single screw extruder

Separation of polymeric and asphalting material from used gasoil and recovery

Polymeric flame retardant coating specially for electrical cable

Method of production of wood-plastic granule based on high density polyethylene

Viscosity index improver for lubricating industrial oil based on   methacrylate and method of production

Alvar  Plast  Sepahan is the first company in Iran  that has technical

knowledge of wood-plastic composite based on PP& PE.

This company has knowledge base company permission 

 from Isfahan Science & Technology Town.

Alvar Plast Sepahan Certificates